2015 May, College of Liberal Arts, Degree Applicants, Undergraduates

  Student Names Major Initial Placement
1 Lok Hang Au Actuarial Science and Mathematics  
2 Xue Bai Actuarial Science and Mathematics  
3 Dingjingwen Bu Actuarial Science and Mathematics  
4 Hau Yih Chang Actuarial Science and Mathematics  
5 Joo Yong Chong (H) Actuarial Science and Mathematics Towers Watson in South Korea
6 Chenjing Cui *Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Statistics  
7 Elizabeth Mary Cyphert Mathematics and Statistics  
8 Alexander James Feldman Statistics  
9 Collin Quinn Fitzpatrick Statistics  
10 Mikkia Nichol Graves Mathematics, Minor in Statistics, and Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management  
11 Weiwei Gu Industial Engineering, Minor in Mathematics and Statistics  
12 Ziying Guo *Accounting, Minor in Statistics  
13 Amy Hahn Mathematics, Statistics and Minor in Computer Science  
14 Lingwen He Mathematics and Statistics  
15 Dashom Hong Statistics  
16 Chelsie Rae Jacobson Statistics  
17 Yichen Jia *Biochemistry, Mathematics and Minor in Statistics and Chemistry  
18 Dian Jin Marketing and Minor in Statistics  
19 Weichen Jin Actuarial Science and Mathematics  
20 Cody James King (H) **Actuarial Science and Mathematics Allstate Financial, Northbrook, IL
21 Mitchell Kinney *Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics Pursuing graduate study at another University
22 Stephanie Marie Loesel Economics, Statistics and Minor in Mathematics  
23 Julie Maller (H) *Actuarial Science and Mathematics Aon Hewitt, Lincolnshire, IL
24 Benjamin Frederick Mitchell (H) Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Minors in Business Administration,  Music Towers Watson, Chicago, IL
25 Padraic Stephenson O'Shea Statistics  
26 Kyle Brian Peterson Statistics and Minor in Economics  
27 Colton A Rahe Mathematics and Minor in Statistics and Sport Studies  
28 Nicholas John Schlarmann (H) *Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Cerfificate in Risk Management Nationwide Insurance, Des Moines, IA
29 Dylan James Schwers (H) Actuarial Science, Mathematics, and Certificate in Risk Management Transamerica, Cedar Rapids, IA
30 Alana Strapko Statistics  
31 Zijian Su Finance, Mathematics and Statistics  
32 Zeyi Tao Actuarial Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics  
33 Brandon Scott Verwers Economics and Minor in Statistics  
34 Xinhe Wang Statistics and Minor in Computer Science  
35 Xinjun Wang Biochemistry, Mathematics and Minor in Statistics and Chemistry  
36 Baoyu Xu Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Statistics  
37 Dongyu Xu **Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Statistics  
38 Jiaying Xu *Actuarial Science and Mathematics  
39 Yemu Xu *Actuarial Science and Certificate in Risk Management and Minor in Mathematics Fidelity Investments, Chicago, IL
40 Kevin Michael Young Mathematics, Statistics and Minor in Computer Science  
41 Jin Zhou Mathematics and Minor in Statistics    
    * With Distiction  
    ** With High Distinction  
    *** With Highest Distinction  
    (H) Honors in the Major