Class of 2002

May 2002

Sang-Hoon Ahn, MS in Statistics  
Matthew A. Bognar, PhD in Statistics
thesis: "Bayesian Estimation of a Potential Function in a Pairwise Interacting Point Process"
advisor: Kate Cowles
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
University of Iowa
Qingxian Chen, MS in Statistics continuing PhD studies in Statistics
Jessica T. Fisher, BS in Actuarial Science Trustmark
Lake Forest, IL
Michael Garvin, BS in Actuarial Science Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, IA
Nicholas M. Gifford, BS in Actuarial Science Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, IA
Hongyan Hao, MS in Actuarial Science Milliman
Milwaukee, WI
Megan E. Heine, MS in Actuarial Science Chicago Consulting Actuaries
Denver, CO
Landon W. Horton, MS in Actuarial Science Towers Perrin
Dallas, TX
Yee Hung Steven Hui, MS in Actuarial Science  
I-Cong Jao, MS in Actuarial Science  
Jaehoon Jho, MS in Actuarial Science Samsung Ins
Yong Jiang, MS in Quality Management and Productivity Polaris Snowmobiles
Roseau, MN
Katherine R. Karch, BS in Actuarial Science Mercer
Chicago, IL
Young-Soo Koo, MS in Actuarial Science  
Hangsuck Lee, PhD in Statistics
thesis: "Pricing Exotic Options with Applications to Equity-Indexed Annuities"
advisor: Elias Shiu
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics
Soongsil University
Seoul, Korea
Haobo Li, MS in Actuarial Science UnumProvident
Portland, ME
Shu-Hsin Liao, MS in Actuarial Science

Nan Shan Life Insurance Co Ltd

Taipei, Taiwan

Lily-Anne Lomotey, MS in Actuarial Science  
G. Scott Lorang, MS in Statistics Chicago Consulting Actuaries
Chicago, IL
Hariharan Mani, MS in Actuarial Science Allstate Financial
Northbrook, IL
Bradley S. Melton, BS in Actuarial Science Hewitt Associates
The Woodlands, TX
Valerie F. Nelson, BS in Actuarial Science Mercer
Chicago, IL
Matthew E. Plothow, MS in Actuarial Science Unifi/Buck Consultants
Chicago, IL
Nicholas J. Rudzianski, BS in Statistics University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
Iowa City, IA
Anna K. Sprau, BS in Actuarial Science  
Li Theresa Su, MS in Statistics transferred elsewhere for graduate study
Brooke C. Swanson, BS in Actuarial Science Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, IA
Barry M. Wagoner, MS in Statistics Mercer
Atlanta, GA
Qian Wan, MS in Actuarial Science ING Financial Services
Philadelphia, PA
Dongwei Yang, MS in Actuarial Science  
Lilin Zhang, MS in Actuarial Science Vision Financial Corp
Simsbury, CT

August 2002

Thor Aspelund, PhD in Statistics
thesis: "Non-Linear Association-Marginal Models for Multivariate Categorical Data with Application to Ordinal Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis"
advisor: Joseph B. Lang
Icelandic Heart Association
Reykjavik, Iceland
Michelle A. Larson, Ph.D in Statistics
thesis: "Two-Sample Likelihood Ratio Tests of Dispersion between Probability Vectors Using Order-Restricted Techniques"
advisor: Tim Robertson
Post-Doctoral Research Scholar
Dows Institute
University of Iowa
Nelson T. Lu, PhD in Statistics
thesis: "Tests on Multiplicative Covariance Structures"
advisor: Dale Zimmerman
Biostatistician II
Wyeth Research
New York

December 2002

Bradley M. Henderson, BS in Actuarial Science  
Troy A. Meyers, PhD in Statistics
thesis: "Frequentist Properties of Bayesian Credible Intervals for Functions of Two Parameters"
advisor: George Woodworth
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
St. Ambrose University
Davenport, IA
Glen A. Reineke, BS in Actuarial Science AEGON
Cedar Rapids, IA
Neal A. Rozendaal, BS in Statistics Bureau of Labor Statistics
Washington, DC