Creative Component Presentations

Monday, February 20, 2017 to Wednesday, February 22, 2017
See below.
Monday, February 20 in 31 SH
10:30 AM Alex Zajichek, "Modeling the probability of an NHL goal for player-placement strategy: A Naive (Bayes') approach", Advisor is Dr. Osnat Stramer
11:00 AM Elizabeth Held, "Dimensionality Reduction Methods and Classification: An Empirical Study", Advisor is Dr. Erning Li
Monday, February 20 in 31 SH
1:30 PM Samuel Justice, "Some General Methods for Analyzing the COM-Poisson Distribution", Advisor is Dr. R. P. Russo
1:45 PM Qiansheng Zhu, "Solving convex relaxation to combinatorial 2-SUM problem”, Advisor is Dr. Kung-Sik Chan
2:00 PM Xun Li, "Forecasting of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Activity with Bayesian Model Averaging", Advisor is Dr. Joyee Ghosh
Tuesday, February 21 in 71 SH
12:30 PM Hongda Zhang, “A New Linear Regression Method with High-Breakdown Point”, Advisor is Dr. Luke Tierney
12:45 PM Baosheng He, "A Bayesian SPC Method for Count Data in the Presence of Outliers", Advisor is Dr. Kate Cowles
1:00 PM Yue Zhao, "Sparse Linear Modeling of RNA Sequencing Data for Isoform Discovery", Advisor is Dr. Aixin Tan
Tuesday, February 21 in 3 SH
2:00 PM Yiheng Liu, "New performance measure for PD models", Advisor is Dr. Joseph Lang
2:15 PM Jun Tang, "A Pairwise Dependence Measure of Spatial Extremes by the Peaks Over Threshold Approach", Advisor is Dr. Dale Zimmerman
2:30 PM Shiyang Chen, "Flexible Canonical Correlation Analysis", Advisor is Dr. Sanvesh Srivastava
2:45 PM Andrea Harlan, "An Investigation and Application of Random Forests", Advisor is Dr. Rhonda DeCook
3:00 PM Jin Rui, "Non-negative least squares for high-dimensional linear models", Advisor is Dr. Aixin Tan and Dr. Kin Fai Au
Wednesday, February 22, in 30 SH
9:45 AM

Tyler Olson, "Examining the Biased and Unstable Behavior of Satterthwaite Degrees of Freedom", Advisor is Dr. Matthew Bognar

10:00 AM

Huan Qin, "Apply Multi-Output Support Vector Regression to Time Series Prediction", Advisor is Dr. Kung-Sik Chan