Isabel Darcy - Colloquium Speaker

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa
Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 3:30pm
Colloquium Title: 
Topological data visualization with mapper
Meet and Greet at 3:00 pm in 241 SH / Talk at 3:30 pm in 61 SH


TDA mapper will take data as input and output a graph that gives a simplified visualization of the data. However, there are a number of parameters that must be chosen which will affect the output. This has the advantage of being like a professional camera where the photographer's choices will pick up different aspects of the input. However, most of us are not professional photographers and need advice on which parameter choices are best, depending on the data set. We combined TDA mapper with persistent homology to assist with parameter choices. This is joint work with Ethan Rooke.