Financial Support - Graduate Assistantships

Teaching Assistant, Grader and Research Positions

At this time we do NOT have any open Graduate Assistant (teaching assistants, graders and research assistants).  However opening may occur. 

Additionally, all international students, whose native language is NOT English, will be required to complete the request for permission to take the ESPA (formerly known as the SPEAK test) & ELPT. Request to take ESPA.

Support is contingent upon many factors, which include: funding availability, your ability to make adequate progress towards your degree, SPEAK/ELPT results and the ability to fulfill the terms of the extended contract. 

In the spring we begin to make offers for the next academic year, but many things can change and we often have openings just as school begins so it is very important to submit the request for support form.

The English Speaking Proficiency Assessment (ESPA) is the test The University of Iowa uses to assess these students' oral language and listening skills. The English Language Performance Test (ELPT) is a supplement to the ESPA test and is designed to measure prospective TAs' ability to communicate in English in a classroom context in their own field of study. The ELPT attempts to identify specific aspects of language likely to present communication problems for the new TA whose first language is not English. The ELPT is given to students who have scored 50 or 55 on the ESPA, and to foreign language TAs who have scored 45.

More information regarding Teaching Assistant preparation in English please go Iowa's Intensive English Program and English as a second language department. More information can be found here: ESPA & ELPT tests.