Affiliate Faculty

  • Johannes Ledolter

    Johannes Ledolter

    John F. Murray Research Professor of Management Sciences

    PhD, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1975

    Research Interests:

    Time Series Analysis, Statistical Applications in Business and Engineering, Statistical Process Control

    S352 Pappajohn Business Building (319) 335-3814
  • JC

    Joe Cavanaugh

    Professor and Head, Department of Biostatistics

    N312 CPHB (319) 384-1602
  • Michael Jones

    Michael P. Jones


    PhD, University of Washington, 1986

    Research Interests:

    Survival Data Analysis, Nonparametrics and Semiparametrics, Biostatistics

    N324 CPHB; 269 Schaeffer Hall (319) 384-1593; (319) 353-2295
  • Paul Muhly

    Paul Muhly


    PhD, University of Michigan, 1969