A-Z Listing

A list of all faculty, emeritus, staff and graduate students
Name Email Phone Office

Matthew Bognar

Associate Professor of Instruction 319-335-0799 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

James Broffitt

Emeritus Professor 319-335-0712 258 Schaeffer Hall

Joseph E Cavanaugh

Professor 319-384-1602 N312 CPHB

Kung-Sik Chan

Professor 319-335-2849 263 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Mary Kathryn (Kate) Cowles

Professor 319-335-0727 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Rhonda DeCook

Lecturer 319-335-3249 211 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Richard Dykstra

Emeritus Professor 319-335-0712 258 Schaeffer Hall

Margie Ebert

Staff 319-335-2082 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Montserrat Fuentes


Joyee Ghosh

Associate Professor
joyee-ghosh "at" uiowa "dot" edu 319-335-0816 372 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Jian Huang

Professor 319-335-0823 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Michael P Jones

Professor 319-384-1593 N324 CPHB

Joseph B Lang

Professor 319-335-3129 207 Schaeffer Hall

Michelle A Larson

Lecturer 319-335-0814 221 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Johannes (Johannes) Ledolter

Professor, Management Sciences and Statistics & Actuarial Science 319-335-3814 S352 Pappajohn Business Building (PBB)

Russell (Russ) Lenth

Emeritus Professor 319-335-0712 258 Schaeffer Hall

Colin Lewis-Beck

Visiting Faculty 319-353-2058 256 Schaeffer Hall

Erning Li

Lecturer 319-335-0820 231 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Ambrose Lo

Associate Professor
ambrose-lo "at" uiowa "dot" edu 319-335-1915 368 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Heather Roth

Staff 319-335-0712 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Mary D Russo

Emeritus Lecturer 319-335-0712 269 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

R P Russo

Emeritus Professor 319-335-0712 269 Schaeffer Hall

Elias S Shiu

Professor 319-335-2580 362 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Nariankadu D Shyamalkumar

Associate Professor 319-335-1980 208 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Tamara Siegel

Staff 319-335-0706 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Sanvesh Srivastava

Assistant Professor 319-335-0824 219 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Osnat Stramer

Associate Professor 319-335-3182 370 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Aixin Tan

Associate Professor 319-335-0821 259 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Luke Tierney

Professor 319-335-3386 209 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

Boxiang Wang

Assistant Professor 319-335-2294 261 Schaeffer Hall

Blake Whitten

Lecturer 319-335-0647 260 Schaeffer Hall (SH)

George Woodworth

Emeritus Professor 319-335-0712 258 Schaeffer Hall

Dale Zimmerman

Professor 319-335-0818 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)