Computing Support

Information Technology Services (ITS) 

  • ITS provides a wide variety of computing services to students, faculty, and staff.    ITCs provide students with campus-wide access to the University's academic computing resources, and to encourage departments to integrate computing into their academic programs. ITCs are located in 26 locations on campus, comprising a network of over 1000 workstations available for student use. Wherever you are on the University of Iowa campus, there is an ITC nearby to meet your technology needs! 

    • The Statistics ITC, located in 41 Schaeffer Hall, has 28 Windows desktop computers, which are available to students, faculty and staff who have a Hawk ID. 

CLAS Linux Group

  • In addition we have computer support from the College of Liberal Arts with the CLAS Linux Group. They provide a stable, secure, productive computer environment that allows the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences to achieve its educational, research and administrative needs. This includes the basic network infrastructure and computing environment for the state of the art Linux workstations used in labs, faculty offices or research projects. Supported services include managed Linux loads, file services (including backup), college and personal web hosting, public printers, DNS, DHCP, and a hot disaster recovery site for core services. The goal of the team is to improve the quality of education and research through out the College by working together with faculty and staff to maximize the availability of core network services and provide exceptional Linux & research support to our customers. The services they support can be found here:​
    • The UNIX (Linux) Lab, located in 346 Schaeffer Hall and supported by the CLAS Linux Group, provides an up-to-date learning experience for departmental majors and students who have UNIX accounts. In the lab, students can use powerful graphic-oriented computational software on UNIX workstations to explore statistical concepts. Any CLAS user can create a Linux account that will remain active until the user leaves the University.  More details can be found here:

High Performance Computing information