2018 Spring Class Registration-- Early registration for Spring classes begins on November 6th.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Many of our courses are restricted to our majors (Statistics and Actuarial Science) through November 17th. 

If you want to add one of our Spring 2018 courses you can do so when your registration window opens on MYUI.  If the class you want to add is full add your name to the waiting list.  If MYUI will NOT let you get on the waiting list, please contact us directly at: statistics@uiowa.edu or actuarial-science@uiowa.edu 

When emailing us PLEASE include:

  • Your full name
  • UI # or Hawk Id
  • What course number and SECTION number 


The following courses are restricted to majors during early registration. The restriction will be removed on November 20th so all majors can enroll.

  • STAT:2010 Statistical Methods and Computing
  • STAT:3101 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
  • STAT:3200 Applied Linear Regression
  • STAT:3210 Experimental Design and Analysis
  • STAT:4101:0001 Mathematical Statistics II
  • STAT:4200 Statistical Methods and Computing


The following courses are restricted to majors:

  • STAT:6220 Statistical Consulting
  • ACTS:4180 Life Contingencies I
  • ACTS:4380 Mathematics of Finance II


If you are an undergraduate and need to take a course over the 5000 level, you will need special permission. Please double check to be sure you have met the pre-requisites.

Please contact us directly at: statistics@uiowa.edu

Always include:

  • Your full name
  • UI # or Hawk Id
  • What course number and SECTION number you wish to add


Are you an Undergraduate ACTUARIAL SCIENCE INTEREST Student needing to meet with your advisor?

  • Meet with your advisor at the Advising Center! They are the ones that give you authorization to register.  Be sure you are touching base with your advisor and making those planning and registration appointments!  After you have done this…and have a plan…great!  
  • If your advisor is Ignacio Alvarez (who typically advises our sophomores and juniors), please make an appointment via MYUI!
  • Questions?  Stop into 241 SH (see Margie) OR email actuarial-science@uiowa.edu or statistics@uiowa.edu with your full name and UI number.   


IF you an Undergraduate ACTUARIAL SCIENCE student...and your advisor is not Ignacio Alvarez:


Corporate Finance Information:

In order to register into FIN:3300 Corporate Finance all Actuarial Science Students (MS and Undergraduates) will need to request permission by submitting a form located on the website (below). This is required for all certificate students (RMI, Entrepreneurship, IBC, Leadership) and non-business students (Math track C, Actuarial Science, Informatics) wanting to enroll in Tippie College of Business courses.  One of the prerequisites for FIN:3300 Corporate Finance is FIN:3000 Introductory to Financial Management, so to get this waived submit the following.

  • "I have checked the course prerequisites on MYUI and I have met them"  say Yes, if you have taken (or are currently enrolled) ACTS:3080 Mathematics of Finance I
  • "Please enter any additional information you wish to provide".    State that you have taken (or are currently enrolled) in ACTS:3080 Mathematics of Finance I  (since they consider this to be an acceptable and can be the used as prerequisite of  FIN:3000). 
  • Note: Replies or decisions will not be sent to non-University of Iowa email accounts! 

Actuarial Science Interest Students are not given special permission during this early registration period to register for Corporate Finance. Keep checking for openings after early registration ends on November 18.

The policy, form, and general process will remain the same, but questions and/or follow-up should be directed to Vicki Vavra. Vicki is working for us off-campus, so you will need to contact her via email if you have questions: vicki-vavra@uiowa.edu.

Enrollment policy for non-Tippie Students: https://tippie.uiowa.edu/current-students/undergraduates/academics/advising/non-tippie-students

Enrollment request form: https://tippie.uiowa.edu/current-students/undergraduates/academics/advising/non-tippie-students/enrollment-request.


Many of our courses are co-listed with the Department of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations.  

We cannot help you gain permission to add:

  • Introduction to Statistical Methods (PSQF:4143) (STAT:4143)  
  • Intermediate Statistical Methods (PSQF:6243) (STAT:6513)  

Please contact Psych & Quant to receive permission:  timothy-ansley@uiowa.edu


Many of our courses are co-listed with the Department of Biostatistics (College of Public Health).  

Stat undergrads wanting to take BIOS:5310 (co-listed as IGPI:5310 and STAT:5810) need to email terry-kirk@uiowa.edu with their student ID and she will give them permission to register.