2023 Actuarial Science Club Board- If you're a student who is majoring in Actuarial Science and/or Actuarial Science Interest you are automatically a member of the Actuarial Science Club!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 9:00am
Club Board 2023

The Act Sci club had their annual election in December and these are the new board members.  Congratulations!

  • President: Liam Christensen
  • VP of Finance: Sam Reckamp
  • VP of Media: Brice Sandahl
  • VP of Social Programming: Nathan Reed
  • VP of Alumni: Aliyah Johnson
  • International Student Ambassador: Yalei Zhao
  • Underclassmen Ambassador: Emma Kajtazovic

Picture first row:  Aliyah, Emma, Yalei

back row: Brice, Liam, Sam, Nathan