Congratulations to our Charles E. and Eleanor G. Wilson Scholarship Recipients!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2017-18 Charles E. and Eleanor G. Wilson Scholarship in Actuarial Science Scholarship Recipients

This fund was established with numerous gifts from Charles E. and Eleanore G. Wilson.  Charles Wilson (BA, 1941) attended The University of Iowa during the Depression only because of a scholarship. He was an actuary for 45 years. He established this fund because he wanted to give future students the same opportunity he had and to help the actuarial profession.  The College of Liberal Arts assists us with the application process. 

Fall 2017: Natalie Avercamp, Collin Abeln, Cody Borst, Carter Burns, Bridget Carroll, Alec Ciaccio, Michelle Croghan, Austin Enderson-Ohrt, Angela Fiore, Lisa Frishcosy, N. Halko, Emily Hay, Leah Klejch, Cody Krause, Quynh Le, Tina Liu, Xavier Loomer,  Jason McDowell, Connor Nealon, Mason Newhard, Morgan Novak, Nicholis Odegaard, Nathan Promes, Rachel Rinehart, Kyle Scales, Joshua Sieverding,  Andrew Sherwin, Megan Svara, Mitchell Tamashunas, Maxwell Unmacht, Nathaniel Van Kleek, and Morgan Zuidema