Congratulations to our May Graduates!

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 2017 Graduates, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

List of May 2017 Graduates
Students Majors, Minors and Certificate Programs
Nathan Howard Benya Actuarial Science, Business Administration (Minor), Mathematics (Minor), and Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate)
Kayla Ashley Berkowitz (H) Actuarial Science,  Mathematics, Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate), and Statistics 
Sara Chen ***Actuarial Science, Large Data Analysis Certificate, ***Mathematics, and ***Statistics
John Crowley *** (H) Actuarial Science, ***Mathematics, and  ***Statistics
Anthony Dagner (H) Actuarial Science and Mathematics
Zhengxuan Ding Economics (Minor), Mathematics and Statistics
Asher Guni Statistics
Haonan Guo Actuarial Science,  Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Hackbarth ** (H) Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate), and **Mathematics
Bo Han Mathematics and Statistics
Jiaxu He Statistics
Zhengnan Hong Mathematics and Statistics
Yuhao Hu Actuarial Science,  Mathematics, and Statistics
Christine Hunt (H) Actuarial Science, Mathematics (Minor), Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate), and Statistics
Jiayao Ji Large Data (Certificate) and Statistics
Yun Lao Minor in Art, Mathematics, and Statistics
Yu Tung Lee Actuarial Science, Mathematics, and Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate)
Yubing Li Minor in Computer Science, Large Data Analysis (Certificate), and Statistics
Yusa Lin Mathematics and Statistics
Haixing Liu Statistics
Qianping Liu Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Statistics
Xiang Luo Statistics
Damon Mehrl ** (H) Actuarial Science, **Mathematics and **Statistics
Stephanie Milefchik Statistics
Kendall Moore Mathematics, Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate), and Statistics
Cay Vin Ong Statistics and Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate)
Boya Peng Actuarial Science,  Mathematics and Statistics
Xuanyu Shi Statistics
Trent Stastny-Perez (H) Actuarial Science,  Mathematics, Risk Management & Insurance (Certificate),and Statistics
Hanfeng Wang Statistics  
Yuging Wang Geography and Statistics
Yuru Wang Mathematics and Statistics
Tom Werner ***Computer Science, ***Mathematics, and ***Statistics
Chen Xie (H) Actuarial Science,  Mathematics, and Psychology (Minor) 
Cong Yu Mathematics and Statistics
Jaewon Yu Statistics and Psychology (Minor)
Angela Zhang **Biochemistry and  **Statistics
Shuo Zhang Economics and Statistics
Xinyuan Zhang Mathematics and Statistics
Ruiyi Zhao Mathematics and Statistics
Yanyi Zhu  Mathematics and Statistics
  **  With High Distinction
*** With Highest Distinction
(H) Honors in the Major


May 2017 Graduates, Graduate College 

Graduate College Graduates
Name Program
Shiyang Chen MS Statistics
Andrea Leigh Harlan MS Statistics
Baosheng He MS Statistics
Elizabeth Lori Held MS Statistics
Rui Huang MS Statistics
Rui Jin MS Statistics
Samuel Justice MS Statistics
Jiao Lei MS Actuarial Science
Xun Li MS Statistics
Junyan Liu MS Actuarial Science
Liyun Ma MS Actuarial Science
Xiaocen Meng MS Actuarial Science
Tyler William Olson MS Statistics
Sangjun Park MS Actuarial Science
Linh Thuy Pham MS Actuarial Science
Jun Tang MS Statistics
Siyang Tao MS Statistics
Xiaoyi Xiong MS Actuarial Science
Jun Yang MS Actuarial Science
Menglei Yu MS Actuarial Science
Xinping Yuan MS Actuarial Science
Alexander Zajichek MS Statistics
Hongda Zhang MS Statistics
Ronghui Zhao MS Actuarial Science
Yunlu Zhao MS Actuarial Science
Qin Zhi MS Actuarial Science
Qiansheng Zhu MS Statistics
Xiaofan Zhuang MS Actuarial Science
Yue Zhou MS Statistics
Zhenhao Zhou PhD Statistics

 as of May 4, 2017