In Iowa 28 insurance companies are working together to create 70+ early-stage internships to attract college students to careers in the insurance industry.

Friday, October 14, 2022 - 8:00am
Insure your future

In Iowa 28 insurance companies are working together to create 70+ early-stage internships to attract college sophomores and freshmen to careers in the insurance industry.  The Insure Your Future program ( will offer internships for the summer of 2023.


In 2021, Iowa insurance industry employees on average earned $89,997 annually which was nearly $36,000 more per year than their non-insurance industry counterparts in Iowa who were paid an average of $54,175 per year. “Insurance industry jobs may not be top-of-mind for most college students, but in addition to substantial compensation, insurance industry positions save lives, protect people’s assets and livelihoods (cars, apartments, homes, crops, etc.), build wealth for the future, support Iowa’s diverse economy, and give back generously to communities,” said Michael Gould, manager of insurance development for the Iowa Economic Development Authority. “Our goal is to introduce students to the many rewarding careers throughout the insurance industry.” 


In addition to seeking business majors studying accounting, administration and management, economics, finance, human resources management, international business, marketing, real estate, sales, etc., the industry seeks positions in actuary science, computer science, mathematics, data analytics, journalism/communications, and a wide variety of other majors.


College sophomores and freshmen are eligible to participate in the program.  All internships are paid, offering students $15-$22 per hour for a wide array of jobs throughout the industry.  The program also includes four leadership development/networking events held throughout the summer of 2023.


Colleges and universities throughout the Midwest are joining the program as Insure Your Future offers students the first of what could be 2-3 workplace experiences prior to college graduation.  Early-stage internships lead to additional internships which lead to better job opportunities after college.


College students interested in Insure Your Future early-stage internships can find them listed at


For interns who live outside of Iowa, housing options are available at area colleges in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids area.  Apply today!