Spring Registration starts on November 7! More information here!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 - 8:30am

Important notice regarding spring registration!

  • Many of our courses are restricted to our majors (Actuarial Science, Data Science and Statistics) through December 2.
  • Actuarial Science Interest is a holding place and MYUI does not recognize it as a major so often special permission will be required. 
  • Please note that many of our statistics classes are now also offered as data classes...they are the same course and can be added either way.  For example,  STAT:4580 and DATA:4580 are BOTH Data Visulization and Data Technologies.  It does not matter which one you actually register into.
  • We are now offering ACTS:3080 (Mathematics of Finance) this spring.  It was just recently added. More information soon!