We've made it to Finals Week, Actuarial Science Club!

Monday, May 11, 2020
Graduation hat with outline of the state of Iowa decorated on top.

This week, the club's board would like to recognize our graduates. First, congratulations on all your academic and professional accomplishments as well as the close friendships and mentorships you've established during your time on campus! We wish you could experience the typical graduation ceremony and all of the other fun aspects of your last semester on campus.

To further celebrate our graduates, we recognized them in a Graduates-Only Yearbook to highlight their time on campus. In addition to their degrees and future plans, each graduate was asked to answer two of the three prompts: 

  1. Favorite Memory (related to the club, internships, classes, etc)
  2. Favorite Part about Iowa City
  3. Best Advice for Underclassmen

As I was compiling the yearbook, it was really fun to learn about some secret study spots on campus, unique majors/certificates, classic Shiu-isms, and insightful advice from the graduates so check it out!

In the last weeks, we've sent out an actuarial exam guide, resume checklist, advice for interns, Excel guide, and summer recommendations. If you missed these, you can find everything on the Other Resources page of the Act Sci Club's website. Additionally, we know this time can be stressful. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's any way the club can support you!

Good luck to all on your exams this week and congrats again to the grads!

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Emily Fishel

B.S. Actuarial Science & Statistics

President | UI Actuarial Science Club

University of Iowa | Class of 2021