Creative Component Presentations


All students are invited to the annual creative component presentations in 177 SH starting at 1:50 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20.

All graduate students seeking their MS degrees are encouraged to fulfill 2 s.h. of STAT:6990, engaging in a project that aligns with their application and career interests. Typically, students register for two consecutive 1 s.h. enrollments in STAT:6990 during the fall and spring semesters of the second year. However, this can also be pursued one or two semesters earlier, based on the students’ readiness and motivation. Before enrolling in STAT:6990, each student is responsible for securing a faculty member who agrees to serve as their advisor for the project.  

The project entails writing an 8-15 page report on a suitable topic and then presented orally in a public seminar. A faculty committee, in consultation with the advisor, evaluates the work and the presentation, and assigns a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Startomg at 1:50 p.m. in 177 Schaeffer Hall. 

1:50 Lyle Paukner An Exploration of Tensor-on-tensor Regression


Yiran Zeng

A multi-predictor extension of the transformation-free composition-on-composition linear regression


Jinwei Yao

Transfer Learning based on Multi-outputs Stochastic Kriging


Ying Xiang

Analysis of Elevated Machine Learning Model Accuracy Due to Neglecting Batch Effects in Data Splitting


Emilia Thedens

Envelope Model Based Calibration


Payel Ghosal

Online Bayesian Variable Selection in Logistic Regression for High-dimensional Streaming Data