Excel Competition 2018

Excel Flyer

The purpose of the Excel Competition is to help you improve your Excel skills.

You do not need to be an Excel expert! We hope that students will enjoy the competition and learn Excel features along the way!  More details soon!

The club will host monthly excel workshops leading up to the competition that are geared towards basics for beginners. Take advantage of this chance to build your skills!

Here are some reasons to sign-up for the Excel Competition:

  • The winner of each division (no internship experience, internship experience, grad student) will win a 30 Day Coaching Actuaries Adapt Subscription, and one grand prize winner will receive a 180 Day Coaching Actuaries Adapt Subscription.
  • Random prizes just for participating ($15 each!).
  • There will be free food at the event!
  • Competing in the Excel Competition will look great on your resume.
  • Thanking the companies for their sponsorship and talking about your experience with the competition will be a great conversation starter.

Registration will begin late March.

Please email samuel-werner@uiowa.edu if you have any questions about the competition!