Private Tutors

The following graduate students independently tutor Statistics and Actuarial Science courses. Please use the contact information to arrange times and fees.  


Name Contact Email Contact Phone Courses available to Tutor
Xingyu Zhou not listed STAT:3100; STAT:4100; MATH:1850,1860, 2850; GRE PREP.  Cannot tutor for STAT:1030.
Puishan Lai not listed STAT:4100; Linear Algebra and Calculus
Zhijiang (Van) Liu not listed

STAT3101, STAT4100, STAT4101, STAT4200, Linear Regression and Math Statistics

Chunlei Wang 9793180004 STAT:3100; MATH:1850,1860, 2850; GRE PREP; GRE Math Subject; Calculus.  Cannot tutor for STAT:2020
Alex Liebrecht 8472879815

STAT 0000, 1000, 2000, and 3000 level courses or MATH 0000, 1000, and 2000 level courses.  Also "R". Cannot tuore for STAT:1030