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The Old Capitol at sunsetWelcome to The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science!

Department Chair: Kung-Sik Chan
Director of Graduate Studies:  Joyee Ghosh
Undergraduate Advisor for Statistics:   Rhonda DeCook
Undergraduate Advisor for Actuarial Science: Elias Shiu
Graduate Advisor for Statistics:   Joyee Ghosh
Graduate Advisor for Actuarial Science: N.D. Shyamalkumar

Faculty/Staff Directory

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science has four interrelated missions by which it serves the University, the state, and the world. These four missions are:

  • to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with strong degree programs and excellent instruction in probability, statistics, and actuarial science;
  • to conduct and publish outstanding research in probability, statistics, and actuarial science;
  • to promote the solid practice of statistics at the University and beyond; and
  • to produce leaders in the insurance, pension, and actuarial consulting industry.

Actuarial Science Faculty outside of Schaeffer Hall.

Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
University of Iowa
Fall 2011






Row 1: Robert V. Hogg
Row 2 (left to right): Jian Huang, Aixin Tan, Erning Li, Kate Cowles, Joyee Ghosh, Qihe Tang
Row 3: (left to right): Elias S.W. Shiu, Kung-Sik Chan, Blake Whitten, Osnat Stramer, Joseph B. Lang, Ruitao Liu
Row 4: (left to right): Jerome Pansera, Russell V. Lenth, Luke Tierney, Jonathan D. Cryer (Emeritus)
Row 5: (left to right): James D Broffitt (Emeritus), Dale Zimmerman, Richard Dykstra, Johannes Ledolter, Matthew Bognar

Not Pictured: Joe Cavanaugh, Rhonda DeCook, John Geweke (Emeritus), Michael P. Jones, Paul Muhly, Mary Russo, Ralph P. Russo, N.D. Shyamalkumar, George G. Woodworth (Emeritus), Robert F.Woolson (Emeritus)

Distinguished historypromising future

Distinguished history of the Department




The University of Iowa is founded.


The first actuarial course, entitled "The Mathematical Theory of Insurance," is taught by Dr. Westfall. (Actuarial courses have been taught at Iowa every year since 1913.)


Department of Mathematics offers "Least Squares and Statistics," the first statistics course at Iowa.


Henry Lewis Rietz is appointed Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics.


Robert V. Hogg arrives at Iowa to study actuarial science.


Department of Statistics is established.


Actuarial Science major is established; department is renamed: Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science.


Designated by the Society of Actuaries as one of its 12 inaugural Centers of Actuarial Excellence.


Renewal of designation as a Center of Actuarial Excellence.


Semi-Centennial Symposium, April 24-25.


Facts about the professors in the department


2019 Fall Count (updated soon)
Faculty & Staff Students
Assistant Professor 2 Ph.D. Students  
Associate Professor 5 MS in Statistics  
Full Professor 9 MS in Actuarial Science  
Lecturers/Adjunct/Visitor/ Associate Professor of Instruction 5 Undergraduate students in Statistics  
Affiliated Faculty 3 Undergraduate students in Actuarial Science  
Teaching Assistants   Undergraduate students Actuarial Science Interest  
    Undergraduate students Data Science  
Administrative Staff 3 Total Students