Java Software

Piface - A Java applet for power and sample size calculations. (Russ Lenth)

StatWeave - Embed statistical code (e.g., SAS, R, Stata, etc.) into a LaTeX or OpenOffice document. (Russ Lenth)

R Packages

Byte Code Compiler for R - Implementation of a byte code compiler for R. The compiler produces code for a virtual machine that is then executed by a virtual machine runtime system. (Luke Tierney)

CARrampsOcl - This package fits Bayesian conditional autoregressive models for spatial and spatiotemporal data on a lattice. It uses OpenCL kernels running on GPUs to perform rejection sampling to obtain independent samples from the joint posterior distribution of model parameters. (Kate Cowles)

coda - Output analysis and diagnostics for Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations. (Kate Cowles)

estimability - Provides tools for determining estimability of linear functions of regression coefficients, and 'epredict' methods that handle non-estimable cases correctly. (Russ Lenth)

emmeans - Compute estimated marginal means (EMMs) for factor combinations in for a variety of models, as well as contrasts or linear combinations of EMMs, Bayesian analyses, and back-transformations of results. (Russ Lenth). 

ramps - Bayesian geostatistical modeling of Gaussian processes using a reparameterized and marginalized posterior sampling (RAMPS) algorithm designed to lower autocorrelation in MCMC samples. (Kate Cowles, Brian J. Smith)

rsm - Provides functions to generate response-surface designs, fit first- and second-order response-surface models, make surface plots, obtain the path of steepest ascent, and do canonical analysis. (Russ Lenth)

snow - The snow (Simple Network of Workstations) package implements a simple mechanism for using a collection of workstations or a Beowulf cluster for "embarrassingly parallel" computations in R. (Luke Tierney)

Parallel Computing

pnmath - This package uses OpenMP to implement parallelized versions of most of the non-RNG routines in the R math library. (Luke Tierney) 

OMPRNG - Parallel statistical random number generator for C++ and OpenMP. (Matt Bognar)

Software Packages

R - R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. (Luke Tierney, member of the R Core Group)

xlispstat - A statistical package for dynamic graphics and object-oriented programming. (Luke Tierney)

Mobile Applications

Probability Distributions (AndroidApple iOS) - A free probability distribution application that handles the binomial, Poisson, negative binomial, hypergeometric, normal, t, chi-square, F, exponential, gamma, and beta distributions. (Matt Bognar)

Web (JavaScript) Applets

Distributions - Normaltchi-squareFgammabetaexponentialbinomialgeometric (I), geometric (II), Poissonnegative binomial (I), negative binomial (II), hypergeometricbinomial w/ normal approximation (Matt Bognar)

MLE Applets - Poisson MLE appletExponential MLE applet (Matt Bognar)