Looking for Housing?

I asked our current students for suggestions and here are some of their responses! I will update this information regularly!  Check back often.  OR if you want to add to this please just let us know-

Last updated June 15, 2020


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Many of the new students have indicated that they are finding apartments online via FACEBOOK market place.  


Suggestions Include:



Looking for Male/Female roommates:

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Another great number of suggestions from one our students!

I've lived in this area most of my life so I will try to offer some insight into the housing situation in Iowa City/Coralville.

1) Downtown Area (ie near SH) is all going to be expensive. You'll be paying for location, not square footage, not amenities, not security, etc... But I have lived downtown my two years and it's been great being able to walk to campus and the downtown area in a matter of minutes. I recommend this if you don't own a car, and I would not recommend this if you DO own a car, as parking is scarce. Finding at least one roommate will significantly lower your costs.

2) I don't know too much about the housing to the East of downtown, but there are a lot of old houses which have been converted into apartments that could be worth looking into. Again, won't be cheap. Best to stay further to the north to avoid the busy/undergrad party streets like S. Johnson for example.

3) The West Side (west of the river) is going to be more affordable, but won't offer a ton of single bedroom or studio apartments. It'd be best to get familiar with the bus routes that run through this area on the Iowa City transit website. More parking will be available in this area, and I know of many apartments near Benton and Oakcrest Streets that are very affordable, have ample parking, and are right on bus routes.  This area is much more quiet, and residential.

4) The far West Side and Coralville has some newer grad student housing that's very nice, and very expensive, but worth a look if they aren't full. Otherwise, you're getting into the territory of having fewer bus route options the further west you decide to live. Again, parking anywhere near campus is not fun, so even if you have a car it might not be of much use to get you to campus.