Friday, May 24, 2024

Dr. Erning Li was awarded a $9,000 OpenHawks grant to help fund her project, Introductory Statistics with Hands-on Data Analysis using SAS.

OpenHawks is a campus-wide grant program that funds instructor efforts to replace their current textbooks with Open Educational Resources (OER) for enhanced student success. OER (such as textbooks, videos, assessment tools, lab books, research materials or interactive course modules) are free for students and carry legal permission for open use. Open textbooks help students better meet their learning objectives by removing cost and copyright barriers. Students benefit when they have their course resources freely available on the first day of class. They also benefit when faculty can fully integrate free resources into their curricula by “remixing” or tailoring materials to enhance specific learning objectives.

The university acknowledges that adopting, remixing, using, and creating OEF requires significant additional labor for instructors. Congratulations on receiving OpenHawks funding, Dr. Li!