Andrew M. Thomas

Andrew M. Thomas
Assistant Professor
PhD in Statistics, Purdue University, 2021
(319) 335-1041
205 SH
Research Interests: 
Topological data science, stochastic topology, machine learning in science, topological methods in imaging, stochastic process limits, U-statistics, extreme value theory, functionals of point processes, changepoint detection.

My research interests are primarily the statistical applications and probabilistic foundations of topological data analysis (i.e. topological data science and stochastic topology). One of the ways this manifests is in the application of topological methods in imaging, both at a practical and theoretical level. Other work of mine branches off from these research interests, such as the behavior of U-statistics in the tails of distributions.


I obtained my Ph.D. from Purdue University in 2021. From there, I was a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University in the Center for Applied Mathematics and the Department of Statistics and Data Science from 2021-2023. I joined the University of Iowa as an Assistant Professor in August 2023.