45th Hogg and Craig Lectures

Dr. Xiao-Li Meng from Harvard University will be our 45th Hogg and Craig Lecturer.


Actuarila Science Club's 2017 Excel Contest!

The purpose of the Excel Competition is to help you improve your Excel skills.


Seeking Applicants!

Non-Tenure-Track Statistics Positions Starting Fall 2017, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

winter in iowa

Courses offered Spring 2017 & the Textbooks!

Register now for Spring classes!


U2G- Undergraduate 2 Graduate Degree

5-Year Combined Bachelor's and Master's Degree (Joint B.S./M.S. in Statistics)


Honors in the Major

All College of Liberal Art departments no longer requires students wanting to pursue Honors in the Major to be members of the UI Honor Program.


Large Data Analysis Certificate

Large Data Analysis is a new area that relates to Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics about handling, processing, & extracting information from large data sets.


Meet our new Undergraduate Academic Advisor- Ignacio Alvarez!

Please welcome our new academic advisor for students studying Actuarial Science Interest, Actuarial Science and Statistics.


Actuarial Science Club

All students who have Actuarial Science Interest as one of their majors is a automatic member of the club! All MS Act Sci and Act Sci majors are also club members!