Hogg and Craig Lectures - The 50th Festival

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Thanks to everyone who attended and made our 50th Hogg and Craig Lectures a fun and inspirational event!

Hogg and Craig Lectures - The 50th Festival

April 28 and 29, 2023

Dr. Dan Nettleton

Laurence H. Baker Endowed Chair
Distinguished Professor
Chair, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University

MS and PhD in Statistics, University of Iowa ('93, '96)


Friday, April 28 - 2520D University Capitol Centre
11:15 am    Hogg and Craig Cake; Poster Session featuring current graduate students
12:15 pm   Opening Remarks and Awards Ceremony
1:00 pm    Hogg and Craig Lecture #1 by Dan Nettleton:  "My Adventures in Sports Statistics, Beginning With Bob Hogg"

2:15 pm     Panel Discussions on "Hot Topics in Actuarial Science" featuring Barbara Hogg (Aon), David Dillon (Lewis & Ellis), Andy Ferris (Deloitte Consulting), and Larry Lickteig (Transamerica)


Saturday, April 29 - Big Ten Theatre, 348 Iowa Memorial Union
8:30 am    Refreshments
8:45 am    Opening Remarks and Departmental Faculty Research Showcase featuring Lan Luo, Sanvesh Srivastava, Luke Tierney, Zhiwei Tong, Boxiang Wang, and Xinyu Zhang
10:15 am   Hogg and Craig Lecture #2 by Dan Nettleton:"Who Is Winning? Determining Whether a Candidate Leads in a Ranked-Choice Election"

1:30 pm    Research Talks on "Emerging Topics and Practice in Data Science" featuring Subhashish Chakravarty (Collins Aerospace), Aaron Christ (United States Fish and Wildlife Service), Kun Chen (University of Connecticut), Dai Feng (Abbvie), and Congrui Yi (Amazon)
3:30 pm    Panel Discussions on "Paths to Becoming a Successful Data Scientist" featuring Levent Bayman (Labcorp Drug Development), Yeh-Fong Chen (FDA), Rui Jin (Novartis), Zhijiang Van Liu (Google), Javier Porras (Zurich North America), and Bo Wang (Meta)


Saturday, April 29 - Iowa Memorial Union
6:00 pm    Banquet Dinner and Closing Remarks


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