Statistics Tutorial Lab

The purpose of the Statistics Tutorial Lab (University Library Commons, Room 1113 Red) is to make extra help available in introductory statistics courses. Sometimes your instructor's or TA's office hours don't mesh well with your schedule. Sometimes you may be reluctant to ask your own teacher for help. The Statistics Tutorial Lab is here to help make up for such difficulties! The courses that we can help you with are:

*    STAT:1010, Statistics and Society
*    STAT:1020, Elementary Statistics and Inference
*    STAT:1030, Statistics for Business
*    STAT:2020, Probability & Statistics for Engineering & Physical Sciences

STAT:1030 Business Statistics TA Office Hours for Spring 2017.

Study, Workshops, and Tutoring (SWAT)

The University of Iowa has a new Study, Workshops, and Tutoring (SWAT) team to help undergraduate students in key introductory courses. The program offers free, drop-in, group tutoring for two of our courses this semester, as well as general academic success workshops.  Not offered in the summer.

Private Tutors

Some graduate students have registered to be private tutors for Statistics and Actuarial Science courses. Tutors' fees and schedules vary; contact a tutor for more information. 

Tutor Iowa

Tutor Iowa is an excellent resource to find academic assistance and mentoring for your University of Iowa courses!


One of the University of Iowa's PhD student in computer science recently started his own company called TutorUniverse with the aid of various grants and support from others here at the UI. TutorUniverse allows students to remotely contact a tutor using a webcam and microphone. You can also draw on the screen as well. TU allows tutors to charge for their services.

Mathematics Tutorial Laboratory

The Mathematics Tutorial Laboratory is a resource offered to students by the Department of Mathematics. The goal of the Math Lab is to support students' efforts by providing an environment where they may receive one-on-one help from a tutor who is ready to answer their questions. Students will also find a variety of computer applications and other resources to develop and enhance their understanding.