VEE Credit

Validation by Educational Experience

Please go to the SOA Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirement home page!

The VEE topics are not prerequisites for the preliminary exams (Exams P, FM, MLC, MFE and C) and may be fulfilled independently of the exam process. However, you must pass two SOA or CAS actuarial exams before applying to have your VEE credit added to your record.

The VEE Candidate Credit application process is now online. Please use the links below to complete your order. Only paper applications for check orders will still be accepted.

VEE Approved Courses/Experiences

Requesting VEE Course/Option Evaluation

Applying for VEE Credit

Eligibility Requirements

VEE Candidate Credit applications for partial credit will not be accepted (e.g., an already approved regression course may not be submitted alone, but must be accompanied on the same application by an approved time series course). Applications for VEE candidate credit can only be submitted after all requirements for that topic are completed

Three subjects require Validation by Educational Experience (VEE). Validation of these subjects is required in addition to the Preliminary Education examinations. The SOA, CIA, and CAS have implemented VEE requirements for the following subjects:

  • VEE-Applied Statistical Methods
  • VEE-Corporate Finance
  • VEE-Economics

Transferred courses may be used for VEE credit if the accepting university has applied for and received VEE approval for the equivalent course(s).

A candidate must show a grade of a B- or better on a transcript from the original school (which can be a community college) as well as a transcript from the accepting university showing credit for the equivalent course. If the transcript only lists a total number of transfer hours, it must be accompanied by a degree evaluation or similar document that details specific course equivalency.