Mathematical Statistics

The mathematical statistics track provides a solid foundation in statistical theory and applications. It requires additional course work in mathematics and is good preparation for graduate study in statistics. 

Students who use STAT:4100/IGPI:4100 Mathematical Statistics I and STAT:4101/IGPI:4101 Mathematical Statistics II to satisfy the core requirements may not use those courses to satisfy the track requirement.

In addition to satisfying the common requirements for all statistics majors, students in the Mathematical Statistics track must complete the following course:

  • MATH:3770 (22M:055) Fundamental Properties of Spaces and Functions I (4 s.h.)

Nine semester hours from::
STAT:4100 Mathematical Statistics I (3 s.h.)
STAT:4101 Mathematical Statistics II (3 s.h.)
STAT:4520 / IGPI:4522 / PSQF:4520 Bayesian Statistics (3 s.h.)
STAT:4560 Statistics for Risk Modeling (3 s.h.)
STAT:5120 Mathematical Methods for Statistics (3 s.h.)
STAT:6220 Statistical Consulting (3 s.h.)
STAT:6300 Probability and Stochastic Processes I (3 s.h.)
STAT:6301 Probability and Stochastic Processes II (3 s.h.)
STAT:6530 / ICPI:6530 Environmental and Spatial Statistics (3 s.h.)
STAT:6560 Applied Time Series Analysis (3 s.h.)

If STAT:4100-4101  Mathematical Statistics I-II are used to satisfy the core requirements, they may not be used to satisfy the track requirement.

Here is a sample schedule for completing the B.S. degree requirements for Statistics (Mathematical Statistics track).

First column is Year, Second column is Fall Semester, Third column is Spring semester
Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
1 MATH:1850 Calculus I
CS:1210 Computer Science I
MATH:1860 Calculus II
STAT:2010 Statistical Methods and Computing
2 MATH:2700 Introduction to Linear Algebra
STAT:3200 Applied Linear Regression
MATH:2850 Calculus III
MATH:3770 Fundamental Properties of Spaces and Functions I

STAT:4100 Mathematical Statistics I
STAT:6510 Applied Generalized Regression

STAT:4101 Mathematical Statistics II
STAT:3210 Experimental Design and Analysis
4 STAT:4520 Bayesian Statistics STAT:6220 Statistical Consulting

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